GFPA Aviation and Space Camp

GFPA foundation hosts an annual aviation and space camp. The objectives of the aviation and space camp are:

  • To create an environment where learners from diverse backgrounds, with a common interest in aviation and space, can meet and engage.
  • To provide a fun, yet educational programme, giving the learners an opportunity to discover more about aviation and space opportunities.
  • To encourage learners to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related careers (STEM)

What sets the GFPA Aviation and Space Camp apart from other educational and development initiatives?

  • We form relationships and engage with our community of girls throughout the year, not just at the aviation and space camp.
  • We are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, where to-date, we have friends and former campers with whom we share career opportunities, scholarship information, available jobs, and actively live our strategy by informing, motivating, connecting and inspiring our friends to pursue their dreams and follow their passions.
  • We believe in sustainable development and have formed long-lasting relationships with our sponsors, key stakeholders and volunteers whose commitment and generosity ensures our camp is a success.

Fly for “STEM” Africa campaign

The “Fly for STEM” Africa campaign is programme aimed at encouraging girls to consider careers in the STEM field with a focus on aviation and space. During the campaign the team will initially fly around South Africa in a small aircraft, covering all nine provinces with the aim of reaching 9000 girls. The campaign will expand to the rest of Africa.

Girls need to see real female role models who participate in STEM subjects. Loss of female interest in the STEM can be partially halted by simply exposing girls to other women who like a STEM. It is, therefore, necessary to make STEM subjects look desirable to girls earlier in life if we hope to retain women in STEM fields later and It is important to have interventions that help increase girls’ and women’s interest in, and engagement with, STEM education.

Other Programmes

  • Aviation and Space workshops with an emerging technology theme
  • Robotics workshops
  • Coding workshops
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Career and personal development workshops
  • Introductory Flight
  • Company visits

GFPA Programmes in the last 5 years

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