Women and Aviation

Empowering the current and next generation of aviation and space leaders in Africa.

We are a hybrid organisation dedicated to informing. connecting. motivating and inspiring the current and next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) leaders in Africa with a focus on aviation and space through various strategic programmes. We offer a broad range of support, programme and resources to advance women in STEM with focus on aviation and space.

Network And Connect

W&A aspires to be the primary network for established and aspiring female STEM professionals with a focus on aviation and...

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History And Publication

W&A history and publication aim to highlight and honour women that have made a significant contribution as record setters and...

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Advisory And Investments

W & A is dedicated to the empowerment and development of women entrepreneurs in the aviation and space industry in...

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GFPA foundation

GFPA foundation is an information and skills development STEM education programme for school and post-school learners who have an interest in the aviation and space industry or any other STEM-related field. The education programme is designed to expose young women (and the public) to a world of opportunities while highlighting the achievements of women in aviation and space. The programme includes the use of design thinking, technology, and innovation to inform, connect, motivate and inspire the next generation of makers and problem solvers in the aviation and space industry in Africa.